Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems



Tank Protection

Fixed foam generators apply foam onto the fuel surface to create a foam blanket and suppress the vapours. To minimise the possibility of damage to the equipment from an explosion or fire.

Subsurface injection products inject foam into the bottom of a fuel tank and allow it to float to the surface to spread and extinguish the fire. This method became feasible with the development of foams resistant to fuel contamination.

Where the fuel does not allow subsurface injection, due to contamination risk, Semi-subsurface injection products  are used. Foam is separated from the fuel by a flexible hose. Foam is pumped through the hose so that it rises to the fuel surface and extinguishes the fire.


Available to address risks in the majority of flammable liquid storage tanks and areas.

Hiex Foam

High and medium expansion systems are most effective in indoor spaces where they are used to submerge a fire and exclude the air needed to sustain combustion. Typically mounted as part of a fixed system in the roof space of the protected area.

Hiex systems aim to create foam at an expansion ratio in excess of 600:1. Reduced water content of the foam means less water damage is inflicted on the items being protected within the site.

In addition speed which the system can totally submerge the hazard in foam is a key measurement of the number of foam generators required to protect the site.

Functionality is based on 4 principles: smothering the insulation of the combustibles from air, penetrating effect of the water/foam solution and cooling.


Total flooding of spaces such as Warehouses, engine rooms, transformer buildings, cable tunnels, underground storage facilities, basements, ships’ holds, and aircraft hangars. Well used on liquid fires, effective for fires in combustible solids such as paper and wood.


Over The Top Foam Generator – OFR OFGR

Over the top foam generators are installed to the outside wall of liquid storage tanks above the level of stored product, producing and injecting foam onto the liquid surface.

Application Description :

The OFG is connected to a foam concentrate supply to deliver foam onto the liquid surface within the tank. OFG units are suited to both fixed and floating roof storage tanks and are fitted with an in-situ test feature, accessed via an external test cover enabling OFG test without discharging foam into the storage tank.


A bladder tank is a steel vessel containing a rubber bladder which in turn contains the foam concentrate. A bladder tank does not have any moving parts and requires a minimum of maintenance.

Application description

The bladder tank is used to induce foam concentrate into water systems with variable flows and/or pressures. The system is ideal for upgrading a water sprinkler system to a foam / water sprinkler system. Constant proportioning, irrespective of flow, is achieved by a pressure balance between the foam liquid in the bladder and the water in the system flowing over the proportioner.

Fire Jet Monitor

Monitors are essentially high capacity water jets used for fighting a wide range of varied fire hazards. Both portable and fixed types are available and variations allow for them to aimed either manually or remotely. Exist in a number of sizes that vary in water capacity (measured in litres or gallons per minute) and achievable distance or ‘throw’ (measured in metres or feet/yds.) The nozzle of the monitor is usually adjustable to change the water flow from fog or wide beam  to jet or straight beam to meet the immediate situation needs and increase the flexibility of usage. Foam concentrate can also be added to the water. monitors are often the method for delivering a large amount of foam accurately to an area in the shortest time and from a safe distance.

Manual types are generally designed to be operated by one fire fighter at the unit whilst hydraulic and/or electrical mechanically operated units can often be operated remotely safely away from the hazard. Remote controlled systems such as automatic oscillation and automatic firetracking. . Fixed monitor installations require relatively little maintenance and limited manpower to operate.


Smaller monitors may used to control specific fixed hazards such as helideck. Large portable monitors may be used in large scale incidents such as petro chemical storage and refinery fires, off-shore or marine. Monitors are also frequently mounted on transportation vehicles likefire trucks, trailers and marine shipping Key applications include: Refineries & Chemical Plants  Petrochemical, solvent LNG/LPG and other fuel Storage Marine Ships/Tankers/Barges  Loading Docks Fire Trucks/ARFF Vehicles/ Crash tenders Fire Boats. Monitors We can supply portable monitors, monitors on trailers, containers and monitors with water-driven oscillation.


Tyco works with users and specifiers to deliver effective mobile fire protection solutions. Our range of trailers is designed to deliver an effective fire fighting solution to the scene of a fire incident as quickly as possible, to enable fire fighters to quickly bring a situation under control within the minimum time.

Each unit is designed to suit the conditions and risks existent at each site, so whilst each unit has a very high standard specification, there are a range of performance options and alternate features which can be specified to match your

own needs and expectations, ranging from the size of the foam tank through to manifold design and nozzle types, and including hose and fire fighting fittings specifications. Units can be bespoke fitted to ensure that they meet local market and environmental regulations.


To protect any site or hazard protection of oil storage and loading terminals, paint and solvent stores, boiler rooms, ships’ engine rooms, helipads, oil rigs and similar high risk locations.

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