High Resolution Color Graphics

–TrueSite Workstation

With an advanced graphical user interface, the TrueSite Workstation provides touch screen or mouse-driven access to all system control features. lt can import building site plans and graphically display fire, emergency, supervisory and trouble conditions occurring on the network. High screen resolutions provide additional space for detailed graphics. Pan and zoom features makes it easy to zero in on a specific point of interest.

Operation. When fire alarm network status changesoccur, the screen displays the type and location of thealarm (or other activity) and the appropriate headerbuttons appear. In the historical log screen below in Fire, Priority 2, Supervisory, and Troublebuttons are shown with an active Trouble indicated.

Color graphical annunciation capacity for up to 100,000 points, Color graphical annunciation and control capacity tor up to 62,500 palms or port lists and 687 Nodes.

Historical Log and List Details.

The display format is similarto the display for active list items such as the alarm list.Displayed information sorted on-screen by eachcategory (number, time, date, point name, etc.). Can be reviewed on the screen or printedat a local or remote system printer.

Ease of Operation Touchscreen monitors or uses mouse control to access more detailed view of the alarmed zone or device. With password access,the operator able to acknowledge alarm andtrouble conditions, activate signal silence, and performsystem reset directly from the workstation screens.

Quad monitor support allows multiple active windowssuch as putting the Alarm List Window on one monitorand the Graphics Window on another, with up to 4 total supported monitors.

Pan-and-zoom features allow precise dynamic navigation within a graphic screen for rapid and convenient selection of the area of interest

Configurable coverage zones allow user defined areas or zones within a graphics screen to be highlighted to indicate the area of activity without zooming into the point of interest

Network Annunciation. TrueSite Graphic Annunciators provide annunciation and status display for Simplex Fire Alarm Networks using a personal computer based graphical interface with a high resolution, color display.

Individual User Preferences

Customized Response. Custom alarm and trouble messages can be added and field edited to provide operator response assistance. Point specific information, such as hazardous material storage and lists of people to notify, can be automatically or selectively displayed.Truesite Workstation


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