Panels Networking System

Simplex Fire Alarm Networks communicate information among distributed Simplex fire alarm control panels. Systems may be composed of similar capability panels sharing information, or specific nodes may be added to perform dedicated network functions. Illustrations on the following provide a sample of the variety of fire alarm network applications, multiple topologies and connectivity options.

For non-Simplex panels, a network system integrator can be used to connect equipment to the network using optically isolated inputs and relay contact outputs.

Internet-based communications link enables facility managers and building owners to use computers and mobile devices to monitor the status of their entire fire alarm system network. The system able to connect up to 99 nodes/panels. An Open Architecture Solution for Experienced Software Developers. Allows an Experienced 3rd Party developer to create Custom 3rd Party Client Applications for Accessing Data, Information, and/ or Real-Time from the TSW

Available TCP/IP, LAN/WAN connection, up to 20 remote clients can be connected to the server for multiple remote users have control access with dedicated and listed Fire Alarm LAN equipment.

TrueSite Workstatlon Moblle Client allows compatible iOS mobile devices to access system information, enables an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch mobile device to become a TSW Moblle Client provldmg fire alarm network annunciation access with restricted features similar to a PC based Remote Cllent. Email generation ls available to send updates to individuals or to distribution lists with selectable content.


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