Notification Device – Horn Strobe 49AV

Individually addressed and Controlled Multitone and Multi-Candela True Alert ES

  • Multi-candela xenon strobe with synchronized 1 Hz flash rate and intensity programmable from the control panel or jumper selected as 15, 30, 75, 110, 135, or 185 cd
  • Per appliance tone selection of: 520 Hz Horn (Compliant to NFPA 72-2013), Broad band Horn, Bell, Chime, High/Low, Slow Whoop, or Siren, programmable from the control panel, or selected using an on-board DIP Switch. Hi or Low tone output also available.
  • Installation, When Class B wiring is used, wiring can be “T” tapped, allowing more savings in distance, wire, conduit, and overall installation efficiency.


Better protection intelligence to report its location and status fire alarm control panels.

Less disruption to business operations with appliance self-testing –smart enough to test themselves. Built-in light and sound sensors allow the fire alarm control panel to detect the operation of the strobe and sounder and confirm whether the device tested properly. Testing can performed at any time, without disrupting building occupants and operations – even can be scheduled for self-testing automatically. This self-testing process meets NFPA code requirements.

More design and expansion flexibility – The industry’s most flexible wiring architecture allows system designers to go further with less wire and face fewer design roadblocks. Highly scalable, they can grow and expand as buildings change and life-safety needs evolve.

Faster, easier installation –Flexible wiring scheme make it possible to significantly cut installation time and cost. Can be installed with smaller gauge, unshielded wiring, and the forgiving wiring architecture technology helps avoid mistakes during installation.

Lower costs – Installation costs with addressable notification can be much less than with conventional systems. Appliances operate at lower current draws, can significantly increase wiring distances and enable more appliances can connected per circuit. The flexible wiring architecture can also mean that fewer power supplies, notification appliance circuit cabinets and batteries are needed.

Stronger documentation and reporting capabilities – Provide powerful documentation and reporting capabilities for the notification system. Appliance information and test history are stored and can be easily retrieved from a SIMPLEX ES panel to generate reports for compliance officials.

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