Grinnel Grooved Fire Products & Accessories

Grooved Coupling

The GRINNELL Grooved Rigid Coupling provides a rigid joint by firmly gripping along the full circumference of the Pipe grooves. Proven for dependable method of ioining pipe ond are an economical alternative to welding, threading, or using flanges.

It is capable of pressures up to 350 psi (24, 1 bar) depending on pipe size and wall thickness when used in fire protection services. Rigid ConnectionCoupling has a patented designthat grips the full 360° circumference of thepipe grooves. This design provides a more rigidand stronger connection through a range ofpipe tolerances. The coupling design eliminatesdistortion of the gasket as the housing sectionscome together.

Trouble-Free Design The patented universal tongue-and-groove designof the coupling housings assures trouble-freeinstallation by avoiding the misalignment of thehousings that could lead to a joint failure. Feature a clamshelldesign that allows for an easy one-bolt installation,thus saving time during field installations.Coatings: Red- Non-lead paint/Orange-Non-leadpaint Hot-Dipped , Zinc Galvanised (Optional)

577: Rigid Couplings Data Sheet: TFP1854

705: Flexible Couplings Data Sheet: TFP1820

707: Heavy Duty Flexible Couplings Data Sheet: TFP1840

716: Flexible Reducing CouplingsData Sheet: TFP1830

Threaded Tees

Mechanical Tee is rated at 3,447 kPa (500 psi) on standard weight pipe. It can be used in place of a tee, a cross connection, or a welded outlet where a threaded or grooved outlet is needed. The Mechanical tee is ideal for use in retrofit or equipment hookup installations as it can be positioned along the pipe at the Proper location

in the field, ensuring exact lineup of the branch outlet connection. GRINNELL Sprinkler Outlet is an economical native to welded pipe outlets on steel pipe. Sprinkler Outlet may be used with full lengths of pipe and eliminates threading and  welding, decreasing waste and installation time. Sprinkler Outlet may be used in wet pipe, dry pipe, and deluge systems.

Outlet Fittings

Mechanical Tees are provided with a ductile iron lower housing section for increased strength and dependability. This design provides stability and rigiditywhile inhibiting damage to the pipe during tightening,GRINNELL Couplings are designed for grooved endpipe and are available in nominal sizes of 25mm (1″)to 300mm (12″) including BS, ISO, and JIS outsidediameters.The GRINNELL Coupling Design provides economicaladvantages when compared to welded or flangedsystems. Provide a universal meansfor the connection of pipe, fittings, and pipe systemcomponents.

GRINNELL Couplings and Gaskets permit a wide selectionof combinations for specific applications.Field modifications are easily accommodated withGRINNELL Products as the couplings can be easilyrotated, eliminated and/or added to facilitate necessarymodifications.

522: G-FIRE Threaded Sprinkler Outlet

730: Mechanical Tees – Threaded

730: Mechanical Tees – Grooved

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